The Yoga of Sound – retreat with Russill Paul

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In this retreat you will have the opportunity to work with a Mantra Master: Russill Paul. He is an expert on traditional mantra, and also a very talented musician and artist. Coming from two different cultures, he builds bridges between Eastern and Western Traditions.

Russil Paul will give a five day introduction to the way that the four Big Hindu Traditions use 'holy sound' in their spiritual practice. They all use the power of mantra from a specific and distinct angle.

Four streams of Mantra

The Vedic Tradition uses words and phrases to wake up spiritual and intuitive knowledge that is lying dormant in our soul. She works through the human intellect, as well as the wide variety of our emotional landscape. The Vedic Tradition has crafted this art into mastery. Mantra is a very specific 'holy language'. The creative power of sound serves as the central aspect.

In the second tradition Russill is going to cover with us, The Tantric Tradition, there is deep understanding of our Divine Nature. In this tradition mantra works with the vital life energy, or sexual energy: the Shakti. The power of so called 'bija mantra's' is used for the transformation of blockades, the rising of life energy level, healing of the physical body, cleansing the chakra's and restoring the Divine Qualities that live inside all of us.

In the Bhakti Tradition the central aspect is devotional love. The melodic sounds of the mantra's are an expression of the deep desire for unification with the Divine. Poetic songs express the praise and love for the Divine and the pain of being seperated from it. Full of joy singers can suddenly cry out in exclamation of all the names of the Gods and Godesses. This form of devotional mantra can bring an ecstatic meeting with the Divine. Kirtan, mantra sung through call and response, comes from the Bhakti's.

The Nada-Yoga combines elements from the other 3 traditions, in combination with Indian traditional music. They acknowledge the full flow of sound that is constantly present in the human body (microcosmos) and the whole universe (macrocosmos). With earthly sounds as well as ethereal ones. The Nada Yogi's use all the existing frequencies to intensify your meditation so you can actually experience the flow of sounds within you. They see everything as a frequency, starting from the very beginning of the universe. As an aspect of this, these Yogi's are studying the primal sound 'Ohm' for many centuries now.

About Russill Paul

Russill Paul was born in India and has made a long and intensive journey through the mystical, healing musical power of mantra. He moved to the US to contribute to the enrichment of the combination of Eastern and Western traditions. There he wrote the bestseller 'The Yoga of Sound, tapping the hidden power of music and chant'. Russill is also a very gifted performing musician and has released many beautiful pieces, including music for all the four Big Hindu Traditions: Shabda Yoga (Vedic Tradition Mantra), Shakti Yoga (Tantric Mantra), Bhava Yoga (Bhakti) and Nada Yoga.

Russill and the Centrum voor Tantra
We are happy to use his beautiful music often in the retreats of our beloved Centrum voor Tantra. Love for his music and approach made Carla and Remmelt join Russill in his yearly pilgrimage in India. There they spoke of joining life missions and the wish to present a program in The Netherlands. With Russills coming, a long cherished desire comes to life. We are very thankful for that.

About the retreat 'The Yoga of Sound'

In this 5 day retreat (26-31 August 2017) the central aspect will be your personal experience, as in all our retreats. We will specifically use the power of mantra, movement and meditation to deepen the intimacy with yourself and the Divine. Carla and Remmelt will be there as supporting teachers. All exercises and Russills teachings will be in English.

The total price of this retreat is €1.050,-. Three healthy and tasty vegetarian meals each day are included in this price. You'll stay in a 2 or 3 p. bedroom at group accomodation 'Meeuwenveen', in the beautiful nature of Drenthe.

To sign up for this retreat, please send an email to with your contact details and date of birth.

Please note: On August 24 Russill Paul will give a lecture and a concert at Theater Amsterdam. In the concert he will be accompanied by very special guests, among whom the famous flute player Praful. We organize this event on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of our beloved centre. Please be welcome to join us: click here for more information and tickets.

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26-08-2017 t/m 31-08-2017

Carla Verberk
Remmelt van Kleef
Russill Paul

Meeuwenveen – Havelte

Kosten training
€ 610,- (incl. € 105,87 btw)

Kosten verblijf
€ 440,- (incl. € 24,91 btw)


Na de allereerste meditatie al wist ik direct dat dit op mijn lijf geschreven was. Ik voelde me zó thuis.


Voor mij is altijd de ingang om het erover te hebben: 'Tantra is 'ja' zeggen tegen alles wat zich in jezelf aandient. Ook als dat een keihard 'nee' is.' En nee, we gaan niet binnen 10 minuten uit de kleren. Ik verwijs graag naar de goed geformuleerde teksten op de site.


De term tantra wordt door steeds meer mensen gebruikt en wordt daarmee steeds holler. Als het gaat over het werk van het Centrum voor Tantra; dan is dat nu vooral mijn referentiekader als het gaat om tantra.