The Yoga of Sound – a dive deep into Tantric Mantra

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The Yoga of Sound
a retreat with Russill Paul, Carla Verberk and Remmelt Van Kleef
19-24 June 2020, Havelte, the Netherlands

Over the past three years, Russill Paul has been coming to Holland at the invitation of the Center for Tantra to share The Yoga of Sound as well as his knowledge of Tantra from the Sri Vidya tradition. The Yoga of Sound is the platform, the medium of sound, through which deeper processes are undertaken. Over the years, we have explored the four streams of sacred sound that make up The Yoga of Sound. This June 2020, we focus on Tantric mantras!

Tantric mantras, from the Sri Vidya perspective, are not only exclusively from within the Tantric tradition, but also mantras from the Vedas that are used in ways that are particular to Sri Vidya Tantric practitioners. In this workshop, we open the spiritual process to five groups.

  • Yoga practitioners and teachers
  • Tantra practitioners and teachers
  • Mantra practitioners and teachers
  • Meditation practitioners and teachers
  • Healers, therapists, and educators.

In the retreat, we will explore Tantric mantras along with specific Vedic mantras, kirtans and Tantric rituals. These are healing rituals that allow for the Tantric mantras to come alive, to have an enhanced eect.

During the day, the workshop will focus on Tantric mantras essentially for the purpose of healing. In this context, we will look at therapeutic applications of the Tantric mantras.

Following are three main topics of the workshop:

  • The spiritual technology of seed syllables (bija mantras)
  • The construction of Tantric mantras for specific purposes
  • The use of Tantric mantras in healing rituals and ceremonies

A special feature of the workhop will be a template for healing the chakras with a special set of mantras and mudras that all participants will receive.

Students who have taken Russill’s Yoga of Sound workshops previously in Holland or elsewhere will enjoy the strong focus on Tantric mantras during this event.

If you have not studied with Russill previously, we are offering you a one month immersion in the Yoga of Sound online programm. This is to help you prepare for the live retreat. Of course this online immersion is also available for students who have attended YoS workshops previously. It is an excellend way to refresh your memories of what you learned before.

We hope this combination of online and live immersions will greatly assist all students this year!

Russill, Remmelt & Carla


Russill and the Centrum voor Tantra

We have been using Russlls beautiful music already for many years in our retreats. The love for his music made Carla and Remmelt join Russill in his yearly pilgrimage to South India. There the wish emerged to co-organize retreats in The Netherlands. With Russill coming to Holland for the first time in 2017, a long cherished desire became true.

Practical information

This 5 day retreat (19 - 24 June) is open for anyone with an interest in mantra, yoga or Tantra. Russill Paul will lead it in close cooperation with Remmelt van Kleef and Carla Verberk, senior teachers at the ‘Centrum voor Tantra’. The emphasis will be on your personal experience. Teaching will be in English.

The total price of this retreat is €1.135,-. In this price three healthy and tasty vegetarian meals each day are included. You'll stay in a 2 or 3 person bedroom at group accommodation 'Meeuwenveen', in the beautiful nature of Drenthe.

To sign up for this retreat, please send an email to with your contact details and date of birth.

PS: If you're interested in working all year round with the power of Mantra, you might consider attending our ongoing group Mastery in Mantra. You will be working mainly in Dutch, but also in English, because Russill will supply a lot of material and teachings.

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