A short history in time and people
The Centre for Tantra emerged after already a few years of trainings and workshops by the siblings Carla and Viram Verberk. Looking for a way to support their work, they decided to create a foundation that would help people develop their spirituality through trainings in intimacy and sexuality. It is the early 1990's.

The Centre grew, people referred the high-quality trainings to friends and colleagues. Mainly by word-of-mouth the circle of students steadily increased.

After a couple of years Viram decided to take another route. Not long after, Remmelt joined (and married!) Carla. They have been the thriving force behind the Centre for many years now.

Another sibling joined the team: Kyo Verberk. Together with her husband Gem Buur she started developing their own programms. Then one day Viram also checked in again, together with his beloved Marie.

During the years of growth and development new people, mostly former students, added their enthusiasm for the programs and the centre. Some of them went away, some of them stayed. Recently, Jeroen and Marije gave another swing to this opening up by offering their knowledge, energy and soul in the organization of the centre.

Nowadays, the centre seems to make another step. The team of trainers is expanding, the office is, as is the vision of the future - all in a very organic way. We have the favourable possibility to bring our work and our students to beautiful places in Holland, but also in France, Portugal and even Bali. We feel blessed to meet so many people.

The workTantra Nederland
The base of the spiritual work we offer is the Tantric Tradition, in which the orientation is to support you in melting the ego-patterns and to open up to your Divine Nature. Our teachers all have different backgrounds and their expertises find their way in the programs, and so do their teachers' voices. We are inspired by A.H. Almaas, Osho, Barry Long, Margot Anand, Jay Stattman, Parvathi Nanda Nath and Daniel Odier to name a few.

Our programs
To build a strong foundation for this loving yet intense work, we initially invite our students to join us for a 7 day introduction retreat. After this, a broad range of retreats opens up, the two year Tantra Training being the heart of it. Other advanced programs have specific meditations as central practice, or even techniques from other traditions (even martial arts!). We see ourselves as a centre that supports all spiritual development, with the Tantric all-inclusive approach as central point.

All our programs are based on our vision on Tantra. You can read the full article here.

English spoken programs
The retreat with Russill Paul (august 2017) will be our first English spoken retreat, although it is not a typical Tantra retreat. During the years many people have inquired after an English spoken Tantra introduction retreat. This increasing interest makes us reconsider the possibility to spread our work outside of the limited area of our language. If you have an interest that this might occur in the coming years, please let us know by leaving your information here. It helps us in making the decision and makes it possible to contact you whenever more information is available.

More on the retreat 'The Yoga of Sound' with Russill, Carla and Remmelt, click here
We also have a monthly mailing to support you in your practice. It is in Dutch, but you're welcome to join